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New editions:
Reinecke: First piano concerto in f minor op.72 (solo part)
Reinecke: First piano concerto in f minor op.72 (parts)
Reinecke: First piano concerto in f minor op.72 (full score)
Dieter: Trinity cantata for SAB choir and organ
Müller-Hartung: First organ sonata on „From deep Distress“
Fauré: Cello sonata Nr. 1 in d minor op.109
Bruch: The flight to Egypt – Christmas cantata for soprano, female choir and orchestra (vocal score)
Wagner: Organ transcriptions 6 (Arr. Lemare)
Wagner: Organ transcriptions 5 (Arr. Lemare)
Diverse: Organ rarities of the romantic period 61: 17 Pieces from „Short preludes“ series
Parker: Organ sonata in e flat minor op.65
Haydn: Missa Sti. Raphaelis for SATB choir and organ
Schneider: Pedal studies 2 – 44 easy pieces for organ op.48
Ravel: Cinq mélodies grecques for voice and piano
Satie: Petite Ouverture à danser for piano
Hollins: Theme with Variations and Fugue for organ
Diverse: Organ rarities of the romantic period 60: Pieces from „L‘Orgue moderne“ Vol.2
Boulanger: Psalm 130 – De profundis for choir and two pianos
Missa: Mois de Marie – 32 pieces for harmonium or organ
Bach: Air from the 3rd orchestra suite BWV 1068 (Arr. piano)
Parker: Concerto for organ and orchestra op.55 (full score)
Rheinberger: Mass in f minor for SATB choir and organ op.159
Schneider: Pedal studies 1 – 25 easy pieces for organ op.67
Sinding: Album for harmonium (Arr.)
de Lange: Organ sonata on „A mighty fortress is our god“ op.8
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Anglo-amerikanische Orgelmusik
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Claude Achille Debussy (1862-1918)
(Achille-)Claude Debussy (* 22. August 1862 in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, † 25. März 1918 in Paris), französischer Komponist des Impressionismus Leben: Claude Debussy wurde bereits als Elfjä more
Trois Chansons Chor SATB4.80 €

Single worksInstrumentsPrice
 12 Chansons for voice and piano
Klavier, Singstimme10.80
 Sonata for flute, viola and harp
Harfe solo, Querflöte, Viola14.80
 Jeux - Poème danse für Orchester (set of parts)
Großes Orchester200.00
 Jeux – Poème danse for orchestra (full score)
Großes Orchester29.80
 Petite pièce for clarinet and piano
Klarinette, Klavier6.80
 La Mer for orchestra (set of parts)
Großes Orchester149.00
 Danse sacrée et danse profane for harp and strings (set of parts)
Harfe, Streichorchester29.80
Danse sacrée et danse profane for harp and strings (score)
Harfe, Streichorchester8.40
 Deux Chansons for voice and piano
Singstimme, Klavier5.00
 Trois Chansons de Bilitis for voice and piano
Singstimme, Klavier6.80
 Clair de lune from „Suite bergamasque“ (Arr. piano 4hd)
Klavier 4hd5.80
 First Rhapsodie for clarinet and piano
Klarinette solo, Klavier8.90
 Fêtes galantes for voice and piano
Singstimme solo, Klavier8.40
Syrinx for solo flute
 String quartet in g minor op.10
 Cello sonata in d minor
Violoncello, Klavier8.90
 A Debussy Organ album (Arr.)
 Petite Suite (Arr. organ)
 Rêverie for piano
 Trois Ballades de François Villon for voice and piano
Singstimme solo, Klavier6.80
 Two Arabesques (Arr. organ)
 Le martyre de Saint-Sébastien – Suite (Vocal score)
Singstimme solo, Chor SATB, Klavier22.80
 Suite Bergamasque for piano
Violin sonata in g minor
Violine, Klavier8.40
“La mer“ for piano duet
Klavier 4hd11.80
“Jardins sur la pluie“ for piano
Valse romantique for piano
Préludes for piano (Vol. 1)
“Dieu, qu’il la fait bon regarder“ for SATB choir
Chor SATB3.50
Danse sacrée et danse profane for two pianos
Klaviere, zwei6.40
 Prélude à l’Après-midi d’un faune for two pianos
Klaviere, zwei5.00
 Petite Suite for piano duet
Klavier 4hd7.50
Printemps (Suite Symphonique) for two pianos (excerpts)
Klavier 4hd10.80
L’enfant prodigue (Scène Lyrique) or piano duet
Klavier 4hd4.50
 En Blanc et Noir for two pianos
Klaviere, zwei8.90

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